csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

02 Jun 2014

This week we'll be convening at Fat Cat Fab Lab for their Open House Tuesdays (http://www.meetup.com/fat-cat-fab-lab/events/185740682/?a=md2grp&rv=md2&afeid=185740682&af=event). It starts at 6, but we might get there a bit later. If you get there before 6, there's a spy store next door. There's not really a laptop space so just come to say hello and talk with the fab (pun) people.

The door is at 224 West 4th around the corner from actual Fat Cat. You go up some creepy-looking steps down a creepy-looking hall and a legitimate-looking spy store.

As soon as it's a Tuesday that isn't forecast to rain, we're going to do a Brooklyn Bridge Park BBQ. Hopefully next week.


join us, wont you?