csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

20 Jan 2014

So you might get these emails think, "What is csv soundsystem?" Roughly, it's a way to keep in touch and talk with people who are working on interesting projects, or who are just generally interesting people.

In the past, a subset of folks have worked on an actual project, such as Treasury.IO, but working on something is by no means required. Some people are interested in music-based projects, as the name would suggest, but no rules exist. If you want a weekly place to talk with people or work on a side project in journalism or programming, csv soundsystem is a place to do that.

A shifting cast of characters meet in the downstairs Jazz Room (where there so far hasn't been any actual jazz) at Whynot Coffee at Christopher and Gay Streets starting around 6:45pm until 11pm every Tuesday.

Whynot Coffee has two locations so be careful not to end up in the East Village.

We also usually write these reminder emails with a song or poem whose lyrics have been changed into something journalism or programming related. They take some time to write so sometimes we don't have one -- like this week because parents are visiting. We feel really bad each time we don't include a poem. If you would like to write one, contact Michael or Brian.

We also end each email with this line, because traditions are grand and it's also kind of a SQL-pun:

Join us, won't you?