csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

21 Oct 2013

We'll be meeting tomorrow at Think Coffee at Mercer + 4th slightly later than usual: 8pm.

Join us, won't you?

This week's song: This Must Be The Place — The Talking Heads

Chrome - is where I want to be
Firefox always shuts down
IE's numb - made without real art
this is not the web we spun
The less I use Safari the better
Animating so much seems wrong
Keep tabs around
Memory's fine
It's ok I know nothing's wrong... nothing

Hiyah I inspect all my sites
Hiyah You spot a blight in my styles
And the network tab beside me
Shows image rendering times
Never too many
Always enough
Glue em up replace with sprites... replace with sprites.

Chrome - is where i want to be
But i guess i'm already there
I come home -- she loaded my bookmarks
I guess that this must be the place
I can't sail the web with another
Did i find you, or you find me?
There was a time
before you were born
If someone asks, I used Opera 3... Opera 3.

Hiya clear all my cache out
Hiya speak this page with "Ralph"
Out of all those kinds of browsers
You've got UX I can use
I'm just a google'r looking for info
Traverse the graph in a second or two
And you store all my extensions
Cookie's never dead
Forms fill right up, ads out of view
Filter out the spam bots
Hit Gecko on the head - I go hooooh-oooooh