csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

23 Aug 2013

This week, "I'm waiting for hadoop" by The Velvet Underground:

I'm waiting for hadoop
Twenty-six TBs to compute
Spun up the servers, 125
Praying to god that my script stays alive
I'm waiting for hadoop

Hey, twitter, what links are going around?
Hey, pitchfork, what's the newest sound?
Oh pardon me sir, let me switch my tabs
just taking a break while amazon does math
I'm waiting for hadoop

what's for lunch? I think I need a snack
Mexican spot on 48th ave.
I'm gonna get the same thing as before
First thing you learn is to order al pastor
I'm waiting for hadoop

Back to the office, up three flights of stairs
tweet fit bit progress, but nobody cares
check the admin, get a quick update
only halfway there, I got more time to waste
I'm waiting for hadoop

the console hollers, it starts to bawl and shout
Runtime Error, how'm I gonna work it out?
but I'm feeling good cause it's a quarter to five
Come tomorrow I'll just change a couple lines
I'm waiting for hadoop

Join us, won't you?