csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

11 Jun 2013

hi all,
csv will be occurring today. next week we will be celebrating the 1-year anniversary of csv. suggestions for celebrations are welcome.

for the sake of nostalgia, here is the first csvmail:

Last week a few of us got together to work on some coding stuff after work. It was fun so we're doing it again. Maybe every Wednesday and we're calling it csv soundsystem since we we often work on csvs while listening to lcd soundsystem (but are open to other music as well). Until we get sponsorship to become an actual meetup group, things are being conducted over email. Last week i worked on some underscore.js and brian showed us how he makes awesome comment boxes in R for his argument tables — everyone was really impressed by them.

If you're down for week two, we're gonna be at think coffee on mercer and 4th starting at 6:45 cause they have tables, wifi, good coffee according to marc georges, decent tea according to myself, soup and other baked goods.

join us, wont you?