csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

04 Feb 2013

Some recent news: 1) As Brian wrote last week, we're switching to Wednesdays now.

2) Six of us from csv soundsystem won the Most Innovative award at this weekend's Bicoastal datafest at Columbia and Stanford. We also won Best in Show, which means we now have some funds to spend as we like. There was talk of a WiFi hotspot. Perhaps an arpeggiator. If you weren't there we made FMS Symphony, which involved parsing a bunch of fixed-width files from the treasury department into csvs. The files catalogue every expenditure and deposit the US government has made every day since 2005. You can check out our wiki of resulting wiki of what we did and sonifications and animated chernoff faces yes I'm serious it's worth it go take a look of that dataset here: http://www.bdatafest.computationalreporting.com/projects/fms-symphony

To jump right to the symphony part, go here, make sure your sound is on (or off depending on your environment): http://csvsoundsystem.github.com/fms-treasury-statements-site/

Our quieter charts: http://fms.csvsoundsystem.com/,/

If you're new to the list, we like to send out our weekly reminders in verse/poem or song lyric form, set to the obvious theme.
This week "With Thee Conversing" Paradise Lost, Book IV, line 639
With thee delimiting I forget all time,
All columns and their widths, -- all please alike.
Sweet is the uniqueness of pipes, their slenderness sweet,
With charm of subtle descender; pleasant the function
When first on this delightful frame it spreads
Its aggregating powers on string, int, float and var,
Glist'ring with Monokai; flagrant the table's trends
After quick cleaning; and sweet the coming on
Of insightful findings inspired; then silent study
With this its trusty pipes and this fair query,
And these the scatterplots of heaven, her * train:
But neither uniqueness of pipes when they slender
With charm of subtle descender, nor aggregating function
On this delightful frame, nor string, int, float, var,
Glist'ring with Monokai, nor flagrance after cleaning,
Nor insightful findings inspired, nor silent study
With this its trusy pipes, nor fair query
Or glittering * light, without thee is sweet.

Join us, won't you?