csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

29 Jan 2013

Hi All,

We'll be moving CSV to wednesdays for the foreseeable future to accomodate Julian's foray into haberdashery. Please forward this to anyone else who you think should join.

Here's a series of couplets composed from members' tweets:

Cat peed on "The Signal and the Noise" by @fivethirtyeight
Internet Explorer market share vs. U.S. murder rate

Labs mascot gets a silver cowboy hat
Why does Weehawken always beat NYC for location in my weather app

How I deal with having different socks for different feet
Here's that Hess gas-availability PDF as a Google Spreadsheet

A week after #Sandy, and parts of Staten Island look like a disaster zone.
@thomaslevine is easily bored at home.

Melancholy and the Infinite For Loops
were they wearing bowler hats and white jumpsuits?

"Who owns the words I send via gmail to my friend?
RT @smokey_bear: Tread lightly through the forest this weekend.

It's so good; you don't even need to understand French
@c4rl It's missing the wrench!

coronets, corona, and code #Brogram
I've been bought a "free" beer by a "beer rep", is this a scam?

hipstogram(rnorm(888), filename='hipstogram.png')
Anna, the cool kids all know that paper is the new csv

why does stringsAsFactors=TRUE?
join us, won't you?