csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

13 Nov 2012

We hope you've all weathered the storm. If you want to lend your tech skills, Aurelia has supplied links to groups where you can do that: http://nytechresponds.org. If you need a place to work there's also http://bit.ly/sandycowork

We'll be resuming csv this week, today, Tuesday, as it were, at the normal time of 645 at Think Coffee, Mercer + 4th.

Brian is flying in from MozFest Tuesday night where he was recently crowned a 2012 Knight News Fellow at the New York Times, what Joe Biden would call a bfd.

He even has his own tag on Nieman Lab http://www.niemanlab.org/tag/brian-abelson/

Read the article if you have a moment. The third to last graf before the "Injecting coding culture into newsrooms" section (ante-penultimate, if you will) is particularly good.

Join us, wont you?