csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

21 Oct 2012


Commas pipes tabs and spaces
When one goes astray it makes angry faces.
Formatting addresses don't even get me started,
My geocoded results are something Kepler would've charted.
So bring your laptop and join in the fun ever so
of making and scripting with csv & co.
Tuesday at 7, there's beer wine and quiche
Join us, won't you? Whatever your niche.

In related news, the Columbia Journalism School is putting on a Mapathon next weekend, led by csv-er and Columbia prof Susan McGregor. She's putting out a call for mentors to help teams with their projects. I'll be there as will a few others from csv and it will be super fun. The details and projects (which have been pitched in advance for optimal hacking time) are below. If you're interested, Susan's info is below.

Columbia Mapathon

Tow Center Mapathon 10/27-10/28: Professional mentors needed!

Hi everyone,

As I have mentioned to some of you, I've been working this fall to organize a "mapathon" at Columbia Journalism School for next weekend, Oct. 27 & 28. To help students get the most out of it, I've required that they create project teams and locate data ahead of time; as an incentive to do this prep, I've also promised each team a professional mentor for the weekend. The role of the mentor is a bit flexible; the idea is just that this person will advise them as their project develops throughout the weekend, and optionally lend a hand with some of the work. Folks who have data journalism experience would be great, but it's definitely not required - we're mostly looking for enthusiastic professionals who can help the students shape their stories.

The weekend will run basically from 9-5 next Saturday and Sunday (we may well begin later on Sunday). Most of Saturday will be occupied by the MapBox/CartoDB trainings, while Sunday will be part hacking, part show-and-tell (and possibly prizes). We'll provide the food and coffee, and probably take you all out for a drink on Saturday evening, too.

For a brief overview (exact training schedule TK):


The list of student projects can be found here:


Please email me xxxxxxx@columbia.edu with interest or questions. If there's a particular project you'd like to advise, please let me know. We will also be opening up some additional spots to non-students, so if you have friends who are interested, I will be circulating an EventBrite signup shortly.