csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

01 Oct 2012

As we did back in august, csv is joining up with Girl Develop It! (courtesy of Aurelia) and meeting this week in the Woolworth building, whose lobby is so beautiful you're not allowed to photograph it, in the offices of Control Group, whose hallways are like a real-world Bond level. It will go from 7 to 9:30 sharp.

If you're planning on coming, shoot aurelia an email (xxxxxxxx@gmail.com) to get added to the security list.

Join us, won't you?


WHAT: GDI Code + Coffee

WHEN/WHERE: Tues. October 2nd, 7-9:30PM

233 W. Broadway, 21st Floor

Check in with security at the Woolworth Bldg lobby, proceed to Control Group's HQ on the 21st Floor, turn right, we'll be at a table in the back right wing.

Go here to peruse project ideas: GDI Code Matrix

This google doc hosts a bunch of resources for playing with new languages, as well as the relevant links for the TurntableFM, project ideas, and a calendar. Feel free to add to it and edit. As per the Occupy Hackathon this weekend, and a few other projects, I've added a Data section for anyone interested in working with large data sets or making use of government data.

Here is the Turntable FM link for our music crowd sourcing: http://turntable.fm/cghq2

This month we have some new open datasets to play with (see google doc above) and a panel of rad TAs and visitors for speed mentoring sessions (we'll have some IOS devs on hand to help, plus cameos from NY Tech Meetup and GDI). So bring your ideas and nascent projects to discuss with other female devs and entrepreneurs in the NY area.