csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

20 Jun 2012

So Brian Abelson, Marc Georges and I are starting an informal meetup where if you have a project you're working on you can bring it and be around other people who are working on things and we can answer questions/share knowledge and things.

We like csvs and often listen to lcd soundsystem while working on them so we're calling it csv soundsystem. much inspiration from @bigdatahipster. Brian's work may give us some money to make it a formal meetup group but until then we're using the low-cost alternative of email.

We decided to start it this evening at Think Coffee on Mercer near washington square. 4th I think? Come at 6:45. Wednesday seems like a good day so we'll try and do it next wednesday too. Why Think Coffee? There's a lot of room and wifi. If someone else knows a place feel free to suggest.

Come to learn, come to work, come to drink a bunch of tea. Invite whomever