csv soundsystem

CSV Soundsystem

csv soundsystem

csv soundsystem is an informal group that works on projects around journalism and computer programming. Generally, it's a way to keep in touch and talk with people who are working on interesting projects, or who are just generally interesting people.

In the past, a subset of folks have worked on an actual project, such as Treasury.IO, but working on something is by no means required. Some people are interested in music-based projects, as the name would suggest, but no rules exist. If you want a weekly place to talk with people or work on a side project in journalism or programming, csv soundsystem is a place to do that.

A shifting cast of characters meets somewhere in New York every Tuesday.

We also usually write reminder emails with a song or poem whose lyrics have been changed into something journalism or programming related. They take some time to write so sometimes we don't have one. We feel really bad each time we don't include a poem.

We also end each email with this line, because traditions are grand and it's also kind of a SQL-pun:

Join us, won't you?

Some projects not linked above

SQF Symphony - http://mhkeller.github.io/sqf-symphony

FMS Symphony - http://fms.csvsoundsystem.com

Some articles

TreasuryIO Code sprint announcement: http://dansinker.com/post/49856260511/opennews-code-sprints-do-some-spring-cleaning-on-data

Sunlight Foundation and TechPresident on TreasuryIO's launch.